Motivation to workout at home with self-discipline

Do you need motivation to workout? Do you want to start working out at home? If you want to find motivation and discover the secret to building self discipline to workout at home, watch this video for some top tips to increase your motivation. Whether you are looking to motivate yourself to lose weight, or […]

When is the best time to exercise?

When is the best time to workout? Well, as a busy woman typically I’d say the best strategy for you is to fit it in when you can. The most important first step is to have a look at your weekly calendar and try to schedule in a 10-15 minute workout each day. The time […]

The Truth About Weight Loss in your 40s and Beyond

I don’t often talk about weight loss because it’s not the sole focus of my programs. However, I’m fully aware that weight loss is an issue for many women. Particularly at this life stage when your body is changing. It’s frustrating because you are putting the work in, eating “clean,” and moving more but you […]

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