5 steps to fit exercise into your busy schedule

“It’s alright for her. She doesn’t work. She has all day to workout.” “I just don’t have the time. And when I do, I’m too exhausted to exercise”. “Every time I go to exercise, something gets in the way. Then I think there’s no point. I’ll start again next week”. Do any of these statements […]

Is 15 minutes exercise a day enough?

The short answer? Yes. You see some people working out for hours on end but many of us don’t have the luxury of dedicating that amount of time. Between kids, work and chores, exercise can drop to the bottom of our list of priorities because we believe that if we can’t dedicate to exercising for […]

How exercise can benefit the mental health of busy women

Did you know that in England women are more likely than men to have a mental health problem and are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders? I recently read the book “Rushing Women’s Syndrome”, by Dr Libby Weaver. Rushing Women’s Syndrome “describes the biochemical effects of always being in a hurry and […]

The top 5 reasons to stay hydrated when exercising

Have you ever stopped exercising to drink water, as an excuse to catch your breath? Yep, me too. But water is more than an excuse during exercise. It plays an important role in the function of our body. We all know we should be drinking more but how much, and when? As a rough rule […]

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