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Do you dream of long, lean muscles?toned arms?a trim tummy?

Looking to try something different to your usual workouts as an alternative to a sweaty, crowded gym?

A place where you can connect to your body every month?

Your own, pre-planned workout regime that fits in with your hectic schedule

Something you can do anywhere, anytime all year round?
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About Me

Sarah Aspinall


about me

I know what it can be like to lose touch with your body.
I went from Ballet School to Law School and ended up sat at a desk,
feeling like I was crushing my body and losing my inspiration to move, along with my fitness.

I tried all kinds of workouts, fitness regimes and fads but nothing inspired me as much as the form and the fitness ballet gave me. I wanted something that could become a PART of me and give me an enjoyable lifestyle.

So I rekindled my love affair with dance and qualified as a ballet teacher with a passionate desire to help other people reap the same benefits.

And so Breaking Ballet was born!

But with BBackstage™ I’m now on an even bigger mission. With an even bigger vision. Breaking down ballet’s barriers about ballet and defusing the myths surrounding it and designing a programme that you can stick to. Forever.

So here it is. Welcome to Breaking Ballet’s baby. BBackstage™. Your year-round, virtual dance studio with wings.

I had always thought that I couldn't do ballet as I am very un-co-ordinated. I do lots of yoga & I run but when I saw an online challenge in late January I thought I would give it a go. My Mum had died tragically just before Christmas and so I didn't know whether I would feel up to it. I loved it. Joined BBackstage and the encouragement from the wonderful Sarah and the ladies about all kinds of things has changed me and got me through lockdown too.

Deb Winship

Deb Winship

Before joining BBackstage Ballet, although I knew I needed to work on my health and fitness, I told myself that I didn't have the time or energy and that my injuries limited what I could and couldn't do. This group of wonderful and supportive women, under the instruction and guidance of Sarah, the most caring and encouraging of coaches one would ever need, has shown me that not only were all my preconceptions about myself wrong, but they have given me the tools and motivation to fit my workouts in anywhere, even at work!

Lisa McCarthy Wilson

Lisa McCarthy Wilson

When I signed up for a short BB challenge last year I honestly never thought I'd A) really enjoy it or B) get through it alive as I felt totally past it health wise, I felt old!!! But it was life changing and I so love the warmth and the honesty within this site. Love our trainer too!!!!

Karen Lisabet

Karen Lisabet

I knew that ballet/barre is good for my body, I just needed to get my ass kicked - ehrm be held accountable and finding a teacher that suited my needs.

Michaela Beijer

Michaela Beijer

I just loved the opportunity to learn ballet and incorporate it in my daily routine as I didn't have the chance in my childhood to learn ballet and it's one dance form I always admired and loved. It's flow and it brings me to life, it's my go to exercise, especially on days I feel low on energy. It has opened up my body beyond my expectation. Sarah, for you and the community, its the greatest ever positive support group and you are so approachable. Its group of women who lift each other up.

Meghana Gupta

Meghana Gupta

BBackstage gives me a sense of belonging to a happy, supportive and caring group of women. We motivate each other to workout daily, even if only for 10-15 minutes, and this has greatly improved my fitness and flexibility.

Jacqui Rai

Jacqui Rae

I used to be a keen runner, but since having knee surgery and being told I couldn't run any more in September 2018 I have been struggling to find some thing that fills the gap. Breaking Ballet is perfect as most of the exercises are low impact on the joints, and working out from my laptop allows me to be flexible and fit in and around my family and work. The support from Sarah and the BB community is also invaluable.

Rhiannon English

Rhiannon English

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