Think you're too busy to exercise?

Think again...

Learn the ninja tricks of squeezing exercise into your day, even when time tries to play hide and seek with you.


What do you do when you don’t want to exercise?

Most of us procrastinate. We make excuses and avoid doing it altogether.

Sometimes we will go the extra mile and berate ourselves for not doing it.

If your lack of exercise is leaving you feeling frustrated and fed up, it’s perfectly normal – and it’s not your fault. 

Over half of women (54.5%) in the UK are dropping out of, or stopping exercise completely. 80% of this is due to lack of time.

Relying on willpower isn’t cutting it for women. Especially women who are exhausted inside a whirlwind of obligations.

Exercise seems to have become a source of anxiety and confusion for many of us, because even though we all know it is good for our health, we struggle to exercise enough, to work out safely, or even to find the joy in it. And so much of the culture around exercise is about punishment and shame. 

But I have a suggestion for you. How about we let go of the idea of the perfect body, the perfect life and the perfect fitness routine?

Instead, how about we embrace imperfection and celebrate uniqueness in body, life, and fitness journey?

To help with this, grab your copy of my guide:

“Unlocking the secret to consistent fitness: strategies for time-poor busy women"

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These simple strategies to consistent exercise will help: 

✔ Improve your physical health
✔ Enhance your mental well-being
✔ Increase your energy levels
✔ Better manage your stress
✔ Boost your self-confidence
Enhance your sleep quality
Lead to greater productivity
Improve your relationships and social connections.
Improve your long-term health, reducing the risk of age-related illnesses; AND
Allow you to let go of the guilt and make exercise a non-negotiable part of your routine.


About Sarah

I’ve made it my mission to distill the complexities of exercise into simple, actionable strategies that can help you make the necessary change to create a habit of exercise in order to live a long, happy and healthy life.

You see, I’m not just fascinated by how the human brain works; I’m downright obsessed with unlocking its secrets for fitness success. From guiding busy, overwhelmed and out of shape women to becoming balanced, toned and healthy, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of movement first-hand. After having worked with thousands of women over the last decade, I can confidently tell you that when it comes to getting more women moving, I know all the secrets. 

And now you have the golden opportunity to pilfer all of those secrets and wield them for your own success. 

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