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The online membership that helps you fall in love with your body and focus on your health with purpose.

Get ready to fall in love with your body and feel confident.

Here's the thing...

Motivation, or lack of it, is the no.1 reason people don't workout.

And I bet one of these resonates with you...


“I’m not consistent and quit when life gets in the way”


“I don’t have any energy”


“I don’t have enough time”


“I’m overwhelmed & don’t know where to start”


“When will I see my body start to change?”

But what if I told you...

It's not about a lack of motivation

You need clarity and a
concrete plan of action

And this is where your environment and your identity come into play.


  • Willpower is finite – it’s better to spend your energy on optimising your environment
  • Copy what successful people do
  • A small change in what you can see can lead to big changes in what you do
  • Put yourself in a culture where exercise is normal behaviour
  • Soak up the qualities and practices of those around you
  • Belonging to a tribe sustains motivation


  • Who do you want to be?
  • What daily actions does that successful person take?
  • Shared identity begins to reinforce your personal identity

Do you dream of a getting long, lean muscles, toned arms, and a trim tummy?

Imagine finding the holy grail of exercise – the happy sweat! Exercise that lifts your bottom and your spirits!

Where tension in the body is released, your thighs become trimmer and your posture and mobility are improved.

Where you feel a renewed sense of self and confidence, without pounding your body into the ground.

You might be looking to try something different to your usual workouts, an alternative to the gym, where you can connect to your body.

A workout regime that fits in with your hectic schedule, something you can do anywhere, any time and still have one-to-one guidance from the instructor.

You want fitness to become part of your lifestyle and not another task that you have to schedule in somehow.

You want to be CONSISTENT with your workouts and see results.

BBackstage provides quick and effective at-home ballet-inspired workouts to help you connect to your body again. You will gain strength, tone, confidence and support like you have never had before.

It’s time to take back control - for you and your body.

In Case we Haven't Met Yet...

Sarah Aspinall

about me


I know what it can be like to lose touch with your body.
I went from Ballet School to Law School and ended up sat at a desk,
feeling like I was crushing my body and losing my inspiration to move, along with my fitness.

I tried all kinds of workouts, fitness regimes and fads but nothing inspired me as much as the form and the fitness ballet gave me. I wanted something that could become a PART of me and give me an enjoyable lifestyle.

So I rekindled my love affair with dance and qualified as a ballet teacher with a passionate desire to help other people reap the same benefits.

And so Breaking Ballet was born!

But with BBackstage™ I’m now on an even bigger mission. With an even bigger vision. Breaking down ballet’s barriers about ballet and defusing the myths surrounding it and designing a programme that you can stick to. Forever.

So here it is. Welcome to Breaking Ballet’s baby. BBackstage™. Your year-round, virtual dance studio with wings.

Ballet, but not as you know it!

( Forget tutus and twirling ...)

Let me tell you all about

will guide you step-by-step towards:

Who is it for?

Bbackstage is perfect for women who are:

What you get with

A wide variety of short & effective ballet workouts to tone, strengthen and fine-tune every part of your body.

Weekly/monthly workout calendar so you know exactly what to do and when, alleviating any stress, overwhelm, or decision-making

Weekly email with links to the following week’s workouts, to help you plan ahead and remove any decision-making 

Meal plans, healthy eating tips, recipe ideas & planning advice to help you eat well alongside your new workout regime for increased energy and improved health

Mindset tools and relaxation techniques to help you relax and revive your mind & body

Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&As to ask me all your questions & get my personal advice and guidance.

Monthly Live workout with me

Monthly challenges to boost your motivation and keep your energy high

The BEST private community of like-minded people, with daily support from me

All that PLUS....

The best private community of like-minded people, with daily support from me.

Here's what some of our lovely members have to say:

Plus, I've included these awesome bonuses!


This 6-part mini course is designed to improve your mindset to help you create a sustainable habit of exercise. With pre-recorded videos, worksheets and tasks for you to complete in each session, by the end of this course, you will have balance, be making healthy choices everyday, be free of those old ways, feel energised, body confident and excited about the bright future ahead. Most importantly, you will have changed your relationship with your body for the better and feel confident and content.


Each month inside the BBackstage membership we welcome a guest expert in to share their unique talents. From nutritionists, a women’s health physio and a breathwork specialist to a chef, sleep coach and many more, you have full access to the library of Guest Expert videos and free access to all future Guest Expert sessions.

Access to Sarah’s existing library of trainings on goal setting, time management and stretching and free access to all future sessions, including Q&As on each topic.

And, if you sign up for our annual option I have an extra bonus just for you:

Annual MEMBERS Bonus: My best Body Journal Digital Edition

For all new members who sign up for annual membership – I want to help support you during our 12 months together and one of the best ways of doing this is by tracking your progress and journaling. So, I am gifting you a digital copy of My Best Body Journal, together with a live group workshop where I will walk you through how best to use the journal for consistent success with your health and fitness.

BONUS FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS: Making time for Exercise Workshop

We all know how challenging it can be to find the time to exercise with our busy schedules, which is why I am running a 60 minute interactive live group workshop on “Making time for Exercise”.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of exercising consistently (which is what helps you get the results you deserve), this workshop starts to remove any blocks and self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour, to help you weave exercise into your daily routine without guilt or overwhelm.


Recurring monthly subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £1256

Today's Price = £24.99/month

Paid Monthly

12 Months

Recurring annual subscription
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Total Value = £3611.97

Today's Price = £18.75/month

Paid Annually

BBackstage is for busy women who want to ditch the overwhelm and finally take control of their health and fitness.

Get your lean, strong, toned body in just 10 minutes a day. Feel confident, energised and back in control.





2023 - Your all year round plan to get fit the ballet way!

This is NOT a short-term weight loss programme. If you are looking to improve your body confidence, your strength and tone, happiness and overall health, then sign up today and see how BBackstage can help you achieve this.


Advantages of BBackstage:


Recurring monthly subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £1256

Today's Price = £24.99/month

Paid Monthly

12 Months

Recurring annual subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £3611.97

Today's Price = £18.75/month

Paid Annually

Don't take my word for it

See what some of our fab members have to say

How does BBackstage Compare to other programmes?

Other Fitness Programmes
Access to a library of workouts with no personal guidance on how to adapt where necessary for your body
Fitness plans aimed at any age/fitness level that don’t necessarily take into account how women need to adapt their habits for optimum results during the ageing process
An online community of individuals who are not particularly invested in sharing their own struggles and supporting others
A focus on aesthetics over and above health and happiness with strict fitness and diet plans

Personal guidance and support from Sarah in weekly Q&As, live workouts and private online community
A holistic focus on the health and wellbeing of women in their late 30s and beyond, with specific strategies on how to best support and fine-tune the ageing body with grace
One of the most supportive online communities of like-minded women who inspire and uplift each other
A comprehensive solution for women looking to address their fitness, healthy eating and mindset to help foster balance and compassion for their overall wellbeing

Do you struggle to find the time to exercise?

Are you inconsistent and just can’t seem to settle on an exercise regime? Do you want to reduce your workout time but see better results? Do you want to improve your core strength, posture, flexibility and overall happiness? Do you want to boost your confidence and reduce overwhelm? BBackstage is PERFECT for you!


Recurring monthly subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £1256

Today's Price = £24.99/month

Paid Monthly

12 Months

Recurring annual subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £3611.97

Today's Price = £18.75/month

Paid Annually

Got any questions?

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us on [email protected]

Absolutely. You do not need any previous dance/ballet experience and the workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness (provided you are fit and healthy and have your GP’s consent to exercise).
All the BBackstage workouts are only 10-15 minutes long. You will receive a weekly workout calendar with suggested workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner level is for those who just want to workout for 10-15 minutes daily.
The only things you will need are a yoga mat for comfort and a tennis ball (which we use in some tension release exercises). You may also like to get a resistance band and a small pilates ball for some of the workouts.

It is important to exercise safely (possibly under supervision by an instructor) during pregnancy, especially if you are considering a new type of exercise. Due to the online nature of these workouts, it is not advisable to join while pregnant. Some of the floor work is done reclining on your back and ladies in their second and third trimesters should not be in this position. It would be better to find a local class with an experienced instructor who can monitor you while exercising, to be safe.

It is advisable to wait at least 3 months postpartum before starting a new fitness regime. Special care must be taken regarding the type of exercise you do, especially the type and intensity of abdominal exercises, due to the changes in the abdominal wall and pelvis. Sometimes during pregnancy there is a separation of the Linea Alba (the central line between the Rectus Abdominis muscles) causing a condition called diastasis recti.

So you MUST see your GP BEFORE starting a new activity in the 3 months after childbirth.

If you have an injury, diastasis recti, or any other health condition, you should always speak to your general practitioner before beginning any exercise, fitness or nutrition regime.
The recipes in the meal plans can be adapted to accommodate vegans and vegetarians. Most of the recipes are gluten and dairy free (apart from those containing egg).

No. The membership content is available in a separate portal. You do not need to be on Facebook. However, the Facebook Group is an invaluable resource where you will find support from other members and where I do additional trainings and the weekly live Q&A.

You should consult with a general practitioner before beginning any exercise, fitness, or nutrition regime, especially if you are pregnant, or have pre-existing health conditions. Your use of the videos inside BBackstage and performance of these exercises is solely at your own risk.

Let's Get Serious...

For less than your weekly coffee run you can get access to all the workouts, support, community etc that you need to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Just imagine where you could be 3, 6, 12 months down the line?

I know you want things to change. That’s why you signed up to the challenge afterall… right?

And we all know nothing changes if nothing changes.

So, are you ready to make a change?


Recurring monthly subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £1256

Today's Price = £24.99/month

Paid Monthly

12 Months

Recurring annual subscription
cancel any time

Total Value = £3611.97

Today's Price = £18.75/month

Paid Annually

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