Your Life: On Pointe

a 12 week breakthrough experience

Health and fitness

It’s time to take control of your life without struggle, overwhelm, or guilt.✨⁣⁣

I believe every woman deserves to achieve mind and body confidence for life!

Which is WHY I’ve created the most effective mind & body formula to create a happy and fulfilled life, becoming an even better version of yourself.

I have spoken to so many of you recently who are determined to reset your body and mind in order to create a shift and finally start creating the future YOU…

My formula uses sustainable habits, discipline and principles of ballet along with the latest transformational mindset coaching techniques to foster and nurture a mind and body connection. This helps you develop a strong, toned body at the same time as finally allowing yourself the time and space you need to achieve the future you desire with ease and clarity.

I know you’re ready.

So buckle up, say YES and get ready to experience more confidence as you transform your body and mind into their best shape ever.

Your Life: On Pointe is a 12-week breakthrough experience designed to bring health, wealth and happiness into your life, so that you can finally live the life that your heart desires.

It is a tailor-made experience to support you towards a renewed physical energy and sense of confidence gained from your commitment to being your best self.⁣ The focus will be on transformation and results, not information overload.

You get ALL my training, support, and mentoring…everything you need to facilitate your own transformation. There is no hiding and no watching from the sidelines during this experience. There is full participation within a nurturing caring group of women, who place your goals alongside their own. We all need cheerleaders in life. This is where you will find yours.

We start this life-changing journey on 13 September 2021.

This 12-week experience is for you if you are a busy woman, determined to reset your body and mind, in order to finally achieve your dreams.

During the first 6 weeks of the experience, you will be focusing on your health and wellbeing – movement, nourishing your mind and restoring your health. With this solid foundation you are much better equipped to move through the final 6 weeks working on your personal goals, whether that’s wealth, self development, love, work, or lifestyle.

Here’s what YOU'LL GET ACCESS TO during the experience:

Our 12 weeks together

looks like this:

The Health & FItness Formula (weeks 1-6)

The Foundations: together we will dive deep into what your real health and fitness goals are and whether your surroundings are helping, or hindering, your progress. You will also create a personal vision of your future to inspire the change you desire.

Your Dream: we will uncover what is really important to you and identify the path that will guide you to true health and wellbeing. You will gain the clarity you need through a new fitness mindset and consistency with your exercise.

Your Shift: you will smoothly step away from old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and identity that have been holding you back and embrace a healthier you in both mind and body.

Your Bite-size Habits: this week we will look at creating tiny habits that your future you will thank you for. Specifically, we will be looking at nutrition (including triggers, hunger and cravings) and how best to nourish your body.

Your Inner Peace: you will work on designing new habits to dissolve stress and the pressures of life, through focusing on balance, boundaries and a sense of calm.

Your New Identity: in this final week of the Health & Fitness Formula, you will programme in your new beliefs and step into your new identity. We will also work together on how to continue challenging both mind and body to get the most out of your new health and fitness lifestyle.

The Future You Formula (weeks 7-12)

During the next 6 weeks, you’ll use the foundations you’ve built so far and integrate the tried and tested Future You framework to concentrate on your choice of wealth, self development, love, work, or lifestyle.

I’ll guide you through a process of transformation so that you can create your life on pointe.

In Week 12 we’ll reflect on your progress and celebrate your successes.


The Health & Fitness Formula only (weeks 1-6) = £597 (with the opportunity to upgrade to
the Future You Formula before week 7 for an additional £497).

Even if you think you are a lost cause, have no willpower, and have tried and failed to get your health and fitness on track before without success, let alone your dream life that your heart desires, I’m here to help you understand how to change who you are and how you’re being. During the 12 weeks we will be focused on creating the confidence and habits required in order to achieve your optimum results and to feel fabulous everyday.