Ballet for abdominal strength

We all know how strong dancers are. Or do we? We watch them in awe. How they leap across the stage as light as feathers, balance on their toes for what seems like minutes and pirouette countless times with little or no support. How do they do this? Well, years and years of practice of course! […]

“What is a cramp? Why do I get it?”

Cramp is a painful and involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles. If you are experiencing cramps in a Ballet Body class you are not alone! Whether it is from pointing your feet or feeling cramps in your supporting foot, if you are not used to these movements it can be very painful. The pain […]

Breaking down ballet’s barriers

Most people know what ballet is. They have seen a performance, watched their sister (or brother) attend ballet class, or seen it on the television now that ballet has become more mainstream. But many myths still surround ballet: myths that can sadly prevent people from giving a ballet-inspired workout a go. “Ballet is pink, fluffy, […]

Top tips for ballet newbies

Tired of the treadmill, jaded from the gym, need to shake up your workout regime? Craving lean muscle, increased flexibility and improved posture? Then give ballet fitness classes a whirl. Adults of all ages are now racing to ballet fitness classes and they are set to be one of the hottest workouts in 2017. The […]

5 reasons why you should take up ballet fitness

Do you associate ballet with spinning around and pretending to be a fairy? Is it something you briefly engaged with when you were 4? Whether or not you have ever pointed your toes or been to a ballet class, ballet fitness classes have something to offer YOU, the adult. The word “Ballet” can sometimes put […]

Good posture: why it’s important and how to achieve it.

Have you got smartphone slouch? Do you spend too much time a day hunched over a desk? Have you recently had a baby, or do you carry your small child on your hip? So many amazing changes take place in your body during pregnancy but they can take their toll on your strength and control. […]

My ballet journey

I grew up wanting to hide. I was a painfully shy child and it showed itself in so many ways. I would hide behind my mother’s legs if anyone dared look at me, let alone talk to me. I just didn’t want to face the world. It was around this time that dance became a […]

Natalie’s ballet journey

I started dancing at the age of three but my real loves were tap and modern so I never actually did any ballet. I had a painful final last trimester during my first pregnancy and a lot of pelvic and hip pain after the birth which resulted in a specialist physiotherapy consultation and finding out […]

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