Ballet for abdominal strength

We all know how strong dancers are. Or do we?

We watch them in awe. How they leap across the stage as light as feathers, balance on their toes for what seems like minutes and pirouette countless times with little or no support.

How do they do this? Well, years and years of practice of course! But they are able to do it because they understand their body. They have extraordinary muscular strength without the bulk you see in gym-goers. And they have a rock solid core. This core holds their posture throughout their movement, provides balance and stability and enables them to create the illusion of effortless grace in each and every performance.

A strong core is so important to non-dancers too. Not because we dream of pirouetting down the aisle in Tesco but because we want better posture, we want to maintain good balance and feel more confident in our body with a toned lean tummy.

This is how Sally felt before finding ballet.

“I have always been slim but increasingly as I have got older (I’m 51) had lost tone and more importantly strength! Even carrying the hoover up the stairs had begun to seem formidable and I didn’t want to slide inattentively into old age one increasingly enfeebled day after another.

So I began to look for an exercise that I would love (something dance based), would not be a chore (I find the gym a bit (a lot) repetitive), would not damage me in any way (my knees can only cope with about 10 minutes gentle and geriatric jogging) and ultimately would be effective!!

Sarah’s classes are absolutely amazing! I am beginning to notice very real benefits:

Muscles that felt dormant (and / or non existent) are strong. (My relationship with the hoover is much better).

I have more energy and stamina. After today’s class even though the work was challenging and I thought parts of me might fall off, I actually was able to push through and keep going to the end of each set (without taking sneaky rests). (If you have ever attended any of Sarah’s classes you will know what I mean!)

Sex life has improved (!)

My body is changing shape! The torso I used to have in the olden days (before children) is making a re-appearance. I have abs and a V! (I’m sure there is a technical term for the latter??). The exercises Sarah teaches focus on building core, deep abdominal strength and boy, they do what they say on the tin! I am going on holiday tomorrow, to Greece, and will be wearing a bikini. Not a tankini (which has been my preferred choice of beach attire for about the past 10 years) or a swimming costume but a BIKINI!

Please never move away Sarah. I will have to follow you … mat in hand (once I’ve got round to buying one!!)”

Sally is now rocking an incredible body AND she feels stronger and more confident after finding ballet fitness classes.


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Get my Total Ballet Body Workout challenge


Join my free Facebook community for busy women looking to improve their health and fitness in a sustainable way


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