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Meet Sarah Aspinall

I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel great by prioritising their health, without feeling guilty.

As a pioneer of ballet fitness, I’m passionate about helping busy women make an educated choice by practicing this wonderful in-the-moment activity, in order to feel sexy, athletic, strong and connected to your body.

I know too well the feeling of overwhelm whilst trying to practice self-care, keep on top of family and social obligations and be successful in my career. ⁣⁣

And I see it all too often in other fitness regimes – women exercising on automatic pilot, not connecting with their bodies, needing more time for themselves and feeling exhausted.⁣⁣

Ballet is different. It has an inherent grace, strength and artistry. The focus is not on the “thing” – the kettle bell, the running machine, the weights – the focus is on your body, how it moves in space, the stimulation of your mind, as well as the physical changes you experience. In my youth I danced because I loved it and now I dance to keep me in shape.

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