Ready To Take Control Of Your Life Without Struggle, Overwhelm, Or Guilt?


This Opportunity Goes Away When the Timer Hits Zero or the Spots Run Out- Whichever Comes First

Your intentions were good. The goals and new years resolutions were set. Your motivation was high.

And then… like most busy women who are usually juggling loads of tasks, ideas and plans in their heads, January 4th hits and all the plans fall to the wayside.

Back to school and back to work play havoc with your routine and sense of calm. And you find yourself in the midst of day-to-day life, all your goals and plans lost, most likely hiding out in the Bermuda triangle of lost socks in the house.

I know you’re longing to finally get back to feeling like YOU again. But that real life is getting in the way of that happening.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. This is quite normal and across the board, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Building sustainable habits that make a lifelong change is more about mindset and accountability than most people think.

And in order to bring your future you dream into reality there’s a bit of choreography needed. It’s not hard, but it is layered… and one linear plan isn’t going to work.

You need a holistic formula that looks at all aspects of your life.

Imagine having tailor-made support that gives you renewed physical energy and a sense of confidence gained from your commitment to being your best self.

Here at Breaking Ballet, I am dedicated to helping you make this year… your best one yet!

Having suffered with peri-menopause for 8yrs, I had experienced every symptom from brain fog and anxiety to lack of confidence and even being frightened to drive my own car. I joined the YLOP programme to regain the 'old' me. With guidance using my own beliefs and values Sarah has provided me with the skills and strategies to make fundamental changes to my life. I have focused on health; eating a better diet and eliminating food and drink that doesn't serve me well, on fitness; exercising daily, and nurture; with meditation, relaxation and self love. This isn't a walk in the park programme, and requires you to look deeply inside yourself and be honest in order to gain the maximum benefit and be open and accepting to the changes. Sarah knows that everyone has it within them to make the shift and delivers this programme with passion, love and kindness, that makes it easier to open up about those difficult topics. I have a renewed optimism about my future, and am pleased to say I didn't find the 'old' me, I found a much better version of myself.

I have created the most effective mind & body formula to create a happy and fulfilled life, becoming an even better version of yourself.

Your Life: On Pointe

A 12 week breakthrough experience designed to bring health, wealth and happiness into your life, so that you can finally live the life that your heart desires.

My formula uses sustainable habits, discipline and principles of ballet along with the latest transformational mindset coaching techniques to foster and nurture a mind and body connection. This helps you develop a strong, toned body at the same time as finally allowing yourself the time and space you need to achieve the future you desire with ease and clarity.

I know you’re ready.

So buckle up, say YES and get ready to experience more confidence as you transform your body and mind into their best shape ever.

During the first 6 weeks of the experience, you will be focusing on your health and wellbeing – movement, nourishing your mind and restoring your health. With this solid foundation, you are much better equipped to move through the final 6 weeks working on your personal goals, whether that’s wealth, self-development, love, work, or lifestyle.

The Health & FItness Formula (weeks 1-6)


Week 1: The Foundations: together we will dive deep into what your real health and fitness goals are and whether your surroundings are helping, or hindering, your progress. You will also create a personal vision of your future to inspire the change you desire.


Week 2: Your Dream: we will uncover what is really important to you and identify the path that will guide you to true health and wellbeing. You will gain the clarity you need through a new fitness mindset and consistency with your exercise.


Week 3: Your Shift: you will smoothly step away from old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and identity that have been holding you back and embrace a healthier you in both mind and body.


Week 4: Your Bite-size Habits: this week we will look at creating tiny habits that your future you will thank you for. Specifically, we will be looking at nutrition (including triggers, hunger and cravings) and how best to nourish your body.


Week 5: Your Inner Peace: you will work on designing new habits to dissolve stress and the pressures of life, through focusing on balance, boundaries and a sense of calm.


Week 6: Your New Identity: in this final week of the Health & Fitness Formula, you will programme in your new beliefs and step into your new identity. We will also work together on how to continue challenging both mind and body to get the most out of your new health and fitness lifestyle.

The Future You Formula (weeks 7-12)

During the next 6 weeks, you’ll use the foundations you’ve built so far and integrate the tried and tested Future You framework to concentrate on your choice of  wealth, self development, love, work, or lifestyle. 

I’ll guide you through a process of transformation, so that you can create your life on pointe. 

In Week 12 we’ll reflect on your progress and celebrate your successes.

The focus during the 12 weeks will be on transformation and results, not information overload.

At 51 I never thought Ballet would be something I could do. I always wanted to do Ballet as a child but never got the chance. Signing up with Sarah and Your Life on Pointe was a brilliant opportunity and a really wonderful decision. From day one, right to the end Sarah was attentive empathetic, supportive and movitating. Driving us, willing us, in a positive way to achieve and succeed. Each session whether physical or mental is challenging but very rewarding. Sarah encourages and supports in a kind and caring way which is invaluable. It makes you feel that you matter/your needs matter. I can honestly say that over the last 12 weeks I have grown in confidence and strength. I would have no hesitation in recommending this program if you want to achieve, accomplish your health and fitness goals or just be a better version of yourself. I would say just go for it! You wont regret it!

You get ALL my training, support, and mentoringeverything you need to facilitate your own transformation.

There is no hiding and no watching from the sidelines during this experience.

There is full participation within a nurturing, caring group of women, who place your goals alongside their own.

We all need cheerleaders in life. This is where you will find yours.

Are you the next busy woman, determined to reset your body and mind, in order to finally get back to feeling like YOU again, I get to work with?

We’re currently taking applications for our next batch of Your Life On Pointe students ready to get started on January 24th 2022.

We’d love to learn more about you and see if this programme is a good fit for your needs. We have a few questions, and then if all looks good we can send across the checkout details.

What’s included:

This 12-week programme is for you if you are a busy woman, determined to reset your body and mind, in order to finally get back to feeling like YOU again. 

Even if you think you are a lost cause, have no willpower, and have tried and failed to get your life on track before without success.

By the end of the 12 weeks you will have balance, be making healthy choices everyday, be free of those old ways, feel energised, body confident and excited about the bright future ahead. 

Most importantly, you will have changed your relationship with your body for the better and feel confident and content.

All we ask is that you are:

  • Ready to take action and implement new strategies and habits into your lifestyle
  • A team player, who is supportive of others
  • Someone who is honest about their current lifestyle and open to make the necessary adjustments
  • A person who is ready to prioritise your health and fitness and ditch the excuses and just get on with it
  • Able to dedicate a few hours a week for the group itself, plus extra to complete your workouts and other tasks

Got Questions?

£597 pay in full (or 3 x £249 monthly payments)

I want to keep it small and intimate and if needs be, I will add in an extra call each week so everyone gets enough time and attention from me. Outside of our calls, I will be in the group each day.

Yes.  Once I feel I have the right ladies the doors will be closed. This programme is not for me to maximize sales, but for me to help you reach your goals. Once I have my group together, I will remove the payment page.

No. This is a full immersion programme where I will be hands-on, keeping you focused, on track and accountable to your goals.

We close the doors to this round on the 19th January and the 12-weeks will start on Monday 24th January.

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