The Breaking Ballet Method

I created Breaking Ballet to help women in their late 30s and beyond thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. Breaking Ballet is a graceful yet sculpting workout that harnesses my unique BEAM™ principles. The workouts have been designed specifically to help women future-proof their health and wellbeing.

The B.E.A.M principles are:

Break Barriers

Age and busy schedules are not barriers if you have the right mindset and guidance. Our method is for women with busy and demanding lives.

BB helps you overcome your perceived barriers to exercise and ditch your excuses by:

  • reframing how you think about yourself and exercise and its place in your life
  • giving you a renewed sense of confidence to start focusing on you
  • empowering you to step outside your comfort zone and to feel visible.

Embrace Change

BB is specifically designed for women in their 40s and beyond for the way our bodies (& hormones) work. Our bodies change and so must the way we approach health and fitness.

BB helps you to embrace your changing body so you can:

  • understand what it needs now and in future for optimal health and fitness
  • reduce perimenoapusal symptoms with workouts that are appropriate for your changing body
  • future-proof your health & wellbeing, to reduce the risk of dementia, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, diabetes, heart disease, depression and breast cancer later in life.

Achieve Balance

BB uses ballet-inspired techniques to give you the bodyweight, cardio and stretching exercises you need, broken down into manageable, carefully curated workouts lasting only 15-20 minutes.

BB shows you how to achieve balance in mind and body:

  • using short and effective ballet-inspired workouts that you can weave into your busy schedule
  • providing you with a balanced weekly routine that gives you:
    • flexibility and muscle tone that you can feel and see
    • better posture and alignment
    • increased strength and stamina
    • improved energy, mood and vitality
    • clearer memory and focus
    • lower stress and anxiety

Master Connection

BB inspires women to better understand their bodies to make lasting positive changes to mind and body. Self-awareness is the key to your success.

BB helps you to connect with your body and grow to love who you are by:

  • offering ballet-inspired workouts that will revitalise and support you in feeling more in tune with your body
  • building your mind-body awareness as you learn how to carry your body with confidence and grace
  • providing you with the space to express yourself, while your body is nurtured with intention and your mind distracted from life.

Breaking Ballet’s unique ballet-inspired workouts are tailored for perimenopausal and menopausal women to help them future proof their bodies at the same time as looking after the here and now.

Sarah is the founder of Breaking Ballet, a unique online ballet fitness programme for busy women.

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