Summer Strength Barre Challenge

All you need to know about the BRAND NEW 5-Day Summer Strength Barre Challenge.

The 5-Day Summer Strength Barre Challenge is designed for busy women who have zero time to waste, who want to sculpt strong, confident summer bodies through daily ballet-inspired workouts, an easy-to-follow meal plan, educational training & community support.

With summer just around the corner, it’s common to start thinking about toning up and getting ready to show a little more skin…

It’s hard not to when we’re pulling out clothes from last year, seeing photos of friends on holiday and being bombarded with media telling us it’s time to get “bikini ready”.

The truth is most of us aren’t aiming to look like supermodels:

  • We just want to feel good in our own skin
  • We want to feel healthy in body & mind
  • We want to feel strong
  • We want to enjoy summer activities without being paralysed by insecurity

If this sounds like you, you need to join the 5 Day Summer Strength Barre Challenge to get results without overwhelm.

Over the 5 days you will learn how to strengthen your body and mind by building the habit of regular ballet-inspired workouts and understanding what works for YOU and how YOU can see the best results in your life.

We’ll focus on how to understand what your body needs now to look and feel your best this summer (renewed confidence, radiant glow, new-found energy).

By the end of this challenge you will understand how to motivate yourself to workout consistently to look and feel strong, feminine, healthy and confident.

The Workouts

One of the biggest barriers to staying active is not having a set schedule. We have so many things to juggle and exercise is often put on the back burner. This is why we need a plan.

During the challenge you will complete the following 5 x 15 minute ballet-inspired workouts:

  • Day #1 – Strong abs
  • Day #2 – Strong legs
  • Day #3 – Strong arms
  • Day #4 – Strong butt
  • Day #5 – Strong body

“My body has changed in a week, I’m amazed!” – Jane

Live training 

There will be daily live sessions with me, where I will share all the secrets to making exercise a source of pleasure and health. The dates and times for your diary are:

  • Day 1: 6.30pm BST – Breaking Barriers – reframing the way you think about exercise
  • Day 2: 6.30pm BST – Embracing Change –  understanding what your body needs now and in the future
  • Day 3: 6.30pm BST – Achieving Balance – discovering your weekly exercise prescription
  • Day 4: 8pm BST Motivation to Exercise workshop (see below)
  • Day 5: 6.30pm BST – Mastering Connection – how to build mind/body awareness and grow to love who you are

All these live sessions will take place inside the Challenge Facebook Group. If you miss any, you can catch up on replay inside the group.

Motivation to Exercise workshop

This hour-long workshop on Thursday 15 June at 8pm BST will give you strategies to continue working out regularly long after the challenge has finished. You will need to register for this workshop using the link in your welcome email.

In this how-to guide to getting and staying motivated to exercise once and for all, you will discover:⁣⁣

  1. The secret to making the habit of exercise inevitable, even on bad/busy days
  2. How to increase your energy levels;⁣
  3. The key to MAKING time to workout;⁣
  4. 3 simple ways to beat overwhelm; and⁣
  5. What your workouts need to include to accelerate your results.⁣

5 AMAZING bonuses:

Join the challenge now and receive:

  • A wellness planner to help you plan your days/weeks ahead of time to stay focused on what’s important to reaching your goal.
  • A 7 day summer shape up meal plan providing you with quick and delicious meals to keep you energised and nourished all day long. 
  • A 5 minute warm up video
  • A stretch and cool down video
  • A Sunday Starter Workshop where I will share my tips on how to prepare your mind for the challenge ahead, to ensure you make the most out of our time together.

The challenge is just £5 to join (or you can upgrade to the VIP option and receive a Back to Ballet class (pre-recorded), 3 x group coaching sessions with Sarah and recordings of all the challenge trainings.

Click here to read more about the option that best suits you.

Got any questions?

I’m new to ballet. Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely. You do not need any previous dance/ballet experience and the workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness (provided you are fit and healthy and have your GP’s consent to exercise).

I’m all signed up to the challenge. When does it start?

We start together on Monday 12 June. On sign up you will receive a welcome email with your login details for the challenge and next steps. You will gain access to the portal and Facebook group on Friday 9 June and we will get together for a brand new workshop on Sunday 11 June to prepare you for the challenge ahead. Your first workout will be released on Monday 12 June and you can complete the workout anytime that day. 

Do I have to pay anything else?

No you make one payment today of £5 and that includes everything in the challenge. There are no extra fees for the challenge.

For how long will I have access to the challenge materials?

You will have access to the challenge materials until midnight on Wednesday 21 June.

I’m really busy and struggle to fit in exercise. Will I be able to keep up?

This challenge can be done any time during your day. It’s just 10-15 minutes a day, so carve out that time for YOU.

Do I need any equipment?

The only thing you will need is a yoga mat for comfort.

I’m pregnant (or recently had a baby). Is this challenge right for me?

It is important to exercise safely (possibly under supervision by an instructor) during pregnancy, especially if you are considering a new type of exercise. Due to the online nature of this challenge, it is not advisable to join while pregnant. You MUST also see your GP BEFORE starting a new activity in the 3 months after childbirth

I’m injured/have a pre-existing condition. Can I join?

If you have an injury, diastasis recti, or any other health condition, you should always speak to your general practitioner before beginning any exercise, fitness or nutrition regime.

Does the meal plan accommodate special dietary requirements?

The recipes in the meal plan are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Do I need to be on Facebook to join?

No. The challenge content is available in a separate portal. You do not need to be on Facebook. However, the Facebook Group is an invaluable resource where you will find support from other members and where I do additional training and live Q&As. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us on [email protected]

To sign up now click here.

See you soon!


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