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Get Ready For Body Confidence!

Without working out for hours on end, feeling overwhelmed and beating yourself up for struggling to achieve the results you deserve!

The 5 Day Sculpt & Tone Barre Challenge

Starts Monday 23 January 2023

For busy women who want to strengthen and tone their bodies, feel confident and increase energy levels, without working out for hours on end, feeling overwhelmed and beating themselves up for struggling to achieve the results they deserve

1000s of busy women have tried and tested my challenges and see immediate benefits to their mind and body after years of struggle

I am going to let you in on a little secret that is keeping most busy women struggling to be consistent with exercise for years…

We are not evolved to exercise. Fact. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to be physically active for hours each day to get enough food. They didn’t run, or walk for miles for their health. Now we must voluntarily “exercise”. Because we didn’t evolve to sit for hours on end watching Netflix either!

Right now you may:

I have found a way to help you overcome your deep-seated, natural instincts to avoid optional exertion. Saying "just do it" is not helpful. It doesn't work.

Exercise isn't natural.

But it can be a source of pleasure and health and I will show you how.

Are You...

Before joining BBackstage Ballet, although I knew I needed to work on my health and fitness, I told myself that I didn't have the time or energy and that my injuries limited what I could and couldn't do. This group of wonderful and supportive women, under the instruction and guidance of Sarah, the most caring and encouraging of coaches one would ever need, has shown me that not only were all my preconceptions about myself wrong, but they have given me the tools and motivation to fit my workouts in anywhere, even at work!

Lisa McCarthy Wilson

Lisa McCarthy Wilson

It's time to get results without overwhelm


Hi I’m Sarah

I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel great by prioritising their health, without feeling guilty.
As a pioneer of ballet fitness, I’m passionate about helping busy women make an educated choice by practicing this wonderful in-the-moment activity, in order to feel sexy, athletic, strong and connected to your body.

I know too well the feeling of overwhelm whilst trying to practice self-care, keep on top of family and social obligations and be successful in my career. ⁣⁣

And I see it all too often in other fitness regimes – women exercising on automatic pilot, not connecting with their bodies, needing more time for themselves and feeling exhausted.⁣⁣
Ballet is different. It has an inherent grace, strength and artistry. The focus is not on the “thing” – the kettle bell, the running machine, the weights – the focus is on your body, how it moves in space, the stimulation of your mind, as well as the physical changes you experience. In my youth I danced because I loved it and now I dance to keep me in shape.
It’s time to feel comfortable in your clothes.

I can’t wait to meet you.





Get Ready for Body Confidence!

My most powerful challenge to date, where I share the physical, mental and emotional benefits of ballet workouts in a 5-day challenge.

Over the 5 days you will learn how to engage your deep core muscles, improve your posture and balance and tone and strengthen your legs and arms.

We’ll focus on how to create time for yourself daily, how to get motivated to workout consistently and look and feel fit, healthy and confident.

By the end of this challenge you will have a stronger body and a healthier mind.

What's Inside?

You’ll learn how to listen to your body and workout daily, creating time you didn’t believe you had. You will receive short (15 minutes) daily workouts directly to your inbox.

No more ‘mum tum.’ Through short ab workouts you’ll develop a strong, toned core to help alleviate any niggling back pain, improve your balance, reduce injury and feel comfortable in your clothes.⁣⁣

These short workouts will not only help to increase your strength for improved posture, but also give you an understanding of good posture and how to achieve it.

⁣⁣Form a habit of exercising regularly wherever you are to feel energised, positive, and back in control.

 Exercising regularly increases your energy, so you can deal with anything life throws at you. This in turn motivates you to exercise more and take good care of your body. My Motivation to Exercise workshop will provide you with a fitness mindset and easy tips to implement immediately and effortlessly into your daily routine.

I will be with you every step of the way with live training and Q&A sessions to help you form your new habit of exercise. The camaraderie in the group will ensure you complete this challenge feeling on top of the world.

Track your progress each and every day to celebrate your wins and identify areas for improvement.


A healthy, balanced you who makes healthy choices every day and feels great and energised

A young, vibrant you who feels like you have alllllll of the time in the world

A fabulous, feminine and sexy you, who is happier, lighter and more YOU than ever before

A confident and content you, finally free of those old ways, feeling excited about the bright future ahead.

All without working out for hours on end, feeling overwhelmed and beating yourself up for struggling to achieve the results you deserve!

Did somebody say Bonuses?!

Plan your days/weeks ahead of time to stay focused on what's important to reaching your goal.

A healthy body is not about counting numbers (calories, scales, dress size) but about how you feel. The meal plan provides you with quick and delicious meals to keep you energised and nourished all day long.

This short bite-sized video walks you through how to find those deep core muscles to ensure better balance and stability, whether in your ballet workouts, or your daily activities.

When I signed up for a short BB challenge last year I honestly never thought I'd A) really enjoy it or B) get through it alive as I felt totally past it health wise, I felt old!!! But it was life changing and I so love the warmth and the honesty within this site. Love our trainer too!!!!

Karen Lisabet

Karen Lisabet

I know you have tried before and perhaps feel like you are too busy to make a change. But it is not your fault. We are not programmed to exercise. But it doesn’t need to feel impossible. In fact, it can feel effortless for both mind and body once you have the right strategies and habits in place.

But don't just take my word for it, see what some of my past students have to say

Join the challenge today to make sure you're all set ready to join us on Monday 23 January!

Got any questions?

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us on support@breakingballet.com

Absolutely. You do not need any previous dance/ballet experience and the workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness (provided you are fit and healthy and have your GP’s consent to exercise).

We start together on Monday 23 January. On sign up you will receive a welcome email with your login details for the challenge and next steps. You will gain access to the portal and Facebook group on Friday 20 January and we will get together for a brand new workshop on Sunday 22 January to prepare you for the challenge ahead. Your first workout will be released on Monday 23 January and you can complete the workout anytime that day.

No you make one payment today of £5 and that includes everything in the challenge. There are no extra fees for the challenge.
This challenge can be done any time during your day. It’s just 10-15 minutes a day, so carve out that time for YOU.
The only thing you will need is a yoga mat for comfort.

It is important to exercise safely (possibly under supervision by an instructor) during pregnancy, especially if you are considering a new type of exercise. Due to the online nature of this challenge, it is not advisable to join while pregnant. You MUST also see your GP BEFORE starting a new activity in the 3 months after childbirth

If you have an injury, diastasis recti, or any other health condition, you should always speak to your general practitioner before beginning any exercise, fitness or nutrition regime.
The recipes in the meal plans are suitable for vegetarians and can be adapted to accommodate vegans. Most of the recipes are gluten and dairy free (apart from those containing egg).
No. The challenge content is available in a separate portal. You do not need to be on Facebook. However, the Facebook Group is an invaluable resource where you will find support from other members and where I do additional training and live Q&As.

It’s time to create the habit of daily exercise, learn to connect with your mind and body and prioritise your health with purpose.

Even if you feel like a lost cause, with no time or motivation to move your body, I can help you rediscover a strong, elegant YOU using the methods that have worked for hundreds of busy women just like you, without blame, or excuses.

No more wasting time on quick fix solutions that give you those highs but leave you feeling depleted.

No more postponing, or avoiding exercise, listening to that little voice inside your head telling you “why not exercise tomorrow?”

It’s time to make a plan, take action and feel back in control. Exercising for 15 minutes makes a REAL difference to your health and fitness.

All I’m asking is that you trust yourself,
trust in my process and invest some time to see just what you are capable of.

I just loved the opportunity to learn ballet and incorporate it in my daily routine as I didn't have the chance in my childhood to learn ballet and it's one dance form I always admired and loved. It's flow and it brings me to life, it's my go to exercise, especially on days I feel low on energy. It has opened up my body beyond my expectation. Sarah, for you and the community, its the greatest ever positive support group and you are so approachable. Its group of women who lift each other up.

Meghana Gupta

Meghana Gupta

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