Breaking Ballet is a unique lifestyle fitness course using classical technique that can be done anywhere, anytime. On this website find out how you can access the online fitness course and join the Breaking Ballet movement.

Ballet can and should be for everyone, but ballet has barriers and stereotypes – the perception is that it’s for girls, it’s pink and it’s fluffy. It doesn’t have to be that way. You only have to look at the professionals to appreciate the power and strength that ballet can unleash.

Ballet makes you strong, not girly. Ballet makes you toned, not skinny. Ballet makes you confident, improves your posture and makes you smile. And ballet is NOT always pink. There are no tights and legwarmers. No tutus and tiaras. Just hard work, sweat and a new-found connection to your body.


But I can’t dance”, I hear you say. “I am not graceful, or at all co-ordinated”. You don’t need to be! There is no dancing involved. Don’t let preconceptions about ballet stop you from joining this programme. Instead, let me take you on a ballet journey, breaking through the barriers.